Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a type of alternative therapy that uses essential oils and other aromatic compounds for providing a positive effect on a person’s mind, mood and health. Aromatherapy can be applied in a variety of ways: aerial diffusion (by simply burning the oil, or through aerosol sprays), direct inhalation, and topical applications (general massage, baths, and therapeutic skin care). Out of these methods of application, massaging is believed to be one of the most effective ways to relieve physical ailments and emotional stresses.

Aromatherapy massages can be targeted towards various issues, and have been found to be beneficial for:

· Pain relief

· Muscle relaxation

· Improvement in blood circulation

· Control of blood pressure

· Toxin removal

· Cellulite prevention

· Skin smoothening

· Hair treatment

· Relief from digestive problems

· Overall strengthening of the immune system

· Stress relief

· General revitalization of the mind and body

Aromatherapy massage may be quite similar to the Swedish massage therapy, and typically takes about 60 minutes. The essential oils are gently rubbed onto the body, and allowed to diffuse through the skin.

A very interesting study on aromatherapy massage was performed using 2% lavender oil for massaging. Concentration of the essential oils linalool and linalyl acetate – the main constituents of lavender oil – was tracked at various time points in the blood stream of a person undergoing aromatherapy massage. Within five minutes of massaging, the constituents could be detected in the blood. Maximum concentration was reached after 20 minutes, and after ninety minutes, was found to be eliminated from the blood stream. This study has been published in the book “The Fragrant Mind” by Valerie Ann Worwood. This study shows the effectiveness of massaging in the diffusion of the essential oils into the blood stream.

It is advised that after an aroma therapy massage, good amounts of water should be consumed to facilitate toxin release. Some cases have been identified when aromatherapy massages are better avoided:

· High-risk pregnancies

· Fever

· Acute infections

· Wounded areas of the body

· Persons with a heart condition

· Recently operated patients

· Cancer patients

A general rule is that if you have any kind of health condition, better consult your physician before going for any kind of massage, and more particularly, aromatherapy.

Indulge yourself in one of the best kinds of massages – aromatherapy, and feel for yourself the positive effects of the very potent and effective essential oils.

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