Monday, March 31, 2014

Why should I buy a Portable Massage Table?

Are you a massage therapist freshly out of school, looking for some freelance work and building a clientele? Are you a seasoned massage therapist planning to continue freelancing and wondering what type of massage table to invest in? Or you are a massage “connoisseur” and prefer to have massages from your favorite therapist within the comfort and privacy of your home, on your own massage table?

Choosing the right kind of massage table is perhaps the most important decision when it comes to massaging. The services of an excellent massage therapist can be wasted if the massage table is uncomfortable. Thus, if you want to give your clients a chance to experience your skill to the fullest, or if you want to enjoy the service of your massage therapist, then it becomes imperative that you put some effort in choosing the right massage table.

There are two basic types of massage tables – portable and stationary. Stationary massage tables are ideal for spas and salons, where there is no need to move the table here and there. These tables have thicker cushioning, storage cabinets and may have additional features such as tilt-top, face cradle, etc. Stationary tables, because of these extra features, can be quite expensive.

On the other hand, portable massage tables are the objects of choice for those therapists who prefer to travel to their clients’ place, offering them the convenience of personalized services within the privacy and comfort of their home. For marketing purposes, some therapists also prefer to put up stalls in local fairs, festivals etc. Some therapists prefer to work for a salon for some days of the week, and work as a freelancer for some other days. For all these cases, a portable massage table becomes the tool of choice. A good portable massage table will weigh less than 30 lbs, with a sturdy frame made of metal or wood. Such tables are generally designed to be easy to set up and break down, while ensuring stability at all times.

Always ensure that, though portable, the massage table is comfortable and does not wobble even slightly. Always look for high quality models, with at least 2.5 inches cushioning to help your clients relax comfortably. Portable tables are generally less expensive than stationary ones. You could also look for additional features such as adjustable height, durable carry case, soft polyurethane vinyl cushion, etc. Never compromise on the size of the table – some cheaper varieties are smaller in size. These can get really uncomfortable for heavier clients. The massage table should be at least 78”-83” in length (with head rest).

These portable tables, after folding, reduce to the size of a suitcase – typically about 40”x28”x10”. They can be as light as 27 pounds!

Do a bit of a market search before choosing your table, and use a massage table that is portable, lightweight, sturdy and comfortable, to enable your clients enjoy your services, without any distractions.

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